About Me


Since I was a child growing up in Africa, I always had a love of colours and prints and fashion in general. I helped my mother make clothes to sell for family upkeep. I developed the skill and always wanted to make better than what my mum was doing. I particularly liked intricate work including embroidery and soft furnishing. This has inspired me to create unique clothing that is playful and fun for children.

What I Did …

I journeyed from Africa to Europe to explore and discover. As a child I was not able to fully voice my feelings, so I was a box of mixed feelings. I am inspired to merge nations through fashion as well as impact a one child at a time.

Fashion is not only my passion but I studied Textile designs in Zimbabwe and briefly in London.

Through my creations, I give an exchange of culture and have continued gratitude for my childhood that gave me resilience. The life in Europe has enabled Bonani to explore various countries and this will be reflected in the designs.

I believe that:

Children have a voice but you have a choice

We want to facilitate the nurturing of young individuals who are given an opportunity to
express themselves, as seen by our designs.

Daisey Dress

Embroidered Pants

Global Designs

Bold Jackets

What You’ll Get

  • In order to give you a full experience you are able to request custom clothing that will be made to fit with each piece is cut and made individually in-house. We want to facilitate nurturing of individuals who are given an opportunity to express themselves.
  • You will be able to have the luxury of a variety of child friendly fabrics from different nations.
  • Because our fabrics are sourced from a variety of nations in small quantities, every style we make is limited edition, not mass produced.
  • Shopping at Yanafella supports my female, global team and for that we are truly grateful.
  • We operate in UK but now have customers across the globe including USA, Australia and Africa. Join them to experience something different.
  • I have a desire to give back to underprivileged children in the UK and Africa in the bid to put a smile on children who otherwise would not have been able to just smile.

I would love to help you! And by the way @Yanafella we love animals!

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